Telegraph of Time

Lasers, morse code, radio transmission, 2020-2021

Telegraph of Time, a radio laser installation located in Helsinki Olympic stadium tower was operating approximately 18 hours at the turn of the year, from dusk till dawn. 

In installation, dynamic Morse code: 2020-2021 was laser beamed to eight cardinal directions and broadcasted simultaneously to FM radio frequency 105.8MHz. 

New Year's promises, wishes and dreams could be heard in radio transmission too. These messages were delivered by the audience and read by speech synthesis machines. 

Communication has developed from early optical telegraph to a modern information network where locomotives of data transfer at the speed of light. 

Are the artificial intelligences more scoring players in the field of communication in future? 

Time is particularly meaningful to us right now, and while we are living these peculiar and remarkable times, it may be a good moment to stop and check the course in which we are hurdling thru the cosmos with this planetary vehicle.

Telegraph of Time was commisioned by Helsinki Events Foundation during Covid lockdown.